Wealth Strategies, LLC 

Was created to assist individuals in navigating the complex world of financial services. Our firm has developed techniques that cut through distractions.  We offer our clients qualified, comprehensive financial planning* and investment solutions. 

Continues to build our client base from referrals. We seek and value, above all else, quality relationships with our clients.  We put client interests first.  If we do not work to their satisfaction - if we fail to provide the information and services they expect - then we do not expect or deserve their referrals.  Wealth Strategies has intentionally adopted this organic growth model.

Believes that comprehensive financial planning is a detailed and involved process. It generally cannot be done in one visit or by establishing one account.  Understanding the needs, desires and comfort level of the individual(s) involved is critical to establishing the framework of a successful plan.  After the plan is in place, it is essential that it be monitored.  We meet with our clients regularly to make sure that the changing issues of life are identified and addressed within the plan and portfolio as they occur.